Customised Glowood Finishings

Glowood is now available as a premium European and American Oak finish, available exclusively from Sydney Timber Floor Specialists.

Glowood is a revolutionary new oak finish that ‘glows’ in the dark, illuminating spaces with a captivating yellow or blue gleam. Glowood allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural oak timber in the daytime while creating an attractive atmosphere after dark.

Available in 2 colours, Matrix Yellow and Avatar Blue, this product showcases the beauty of natural timber day and night.

This versatile product has endless applications from tables, flooring, staircases, cabinetry to picture frames. Custom made in Australia with only the highest quality workmanship, each Glowood piece is completely unique and guaranteed to make an impact. Call or contact us using the form below to enquire about Glowood products and available oak tables.


Glowood Oak Table 1
Glowood Oak Table Round
Glowood oak Table Rectangle

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